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Here for the Hetalia fanfic Retrace?
The fanfic is updated in fanfic.net.
I update slowly/monthly because art farts.

Mini buttons of Hetalia’s Romania (using some old art), and some simpler Riza and Roy from FMA(I’ve got more fma buttons here).  And I think I’ve got enough button designs for the expo. More button designs coming in the future~

TMNT and SNK mini and large buttons!

FullMetalAlchemist big buttons for the coming expo~ 

Pirate!England and Pirate!Spain large print for fanexpo

Made a small postcard print of Black Widow! She’s hangin’ around for FanExpo~

Button designs for Fan Expooo!!  1.24 inch ones. I had to have a Candy!Gaius and Cake!L. :D

FireEmblem Awakening, Blue Exorcist, Deathnote, OnceUponATime and a Hatoful Boyfriend for you

Um hi I just saw that print you posted and I really want a copy, but I'm not going to fan expo! Do you have a store or is there some way to buy one from you...?

Hello there Anon! :) Of course I’d be happy to send you a copy! The prints I’ve recently posted are 11x17.

You can contact me through my email: mntacuyan@gmail.com where we can set up a banking transaction.

Hetalia print for FanExpo

"Game of Bones" large print for Toronto FanExpo

Happy Canada Day! Stay coooooolio~

I figured doing something within a few hours for Canada day. Here’s Canadia after livestream. And of course I added his roots. (I can’t get over the beaver pun.)

Cheers! C:

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