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Here for the Hetalia fanfic Retrace?
The fanfic is updated in fanfic.net.
I update slowly/monthly because art first...

tri-colour sketches during the road-trip!

Our Animation crew decided to change up the group banner with self inserts. I figured being in Ao No Exorcist as a paladin with guns x)  (And of course I’m Canadian.)

A birthday present for Kahl

I present my Moldova cosplayer~

Thirteen Brothers of the Southern Isles~

For Sakume! I really loved designing these guys - mostly Heinrik and Harry…and kid!Hans.

Zoom in (x)

Zoom in on the bonus sketches (x)

I’ve just been a little…preoccupied.


Robin Williams was the first celebrity to voice an animated character. 

A special tribute to a legend. (July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014)

Batgirl with her new outfit design (x)!! Print for FanExpo~

The awesome Joan(harkbus) and I will be selling our art at this year’s FanExpo at downtown T.O.! Prints, buttons, commissions, lemonade, and more! 

Come by our table because we’d love to say Hi! :D

Dragonborn!Mol using palette 47, requested by lovely Madred who likes Skyrim~ 

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