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Ollo! Welcome to my FanArt blog! Personal blog: psionicbird
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and I like puns.
Please plague me with puns.

Here for the Hetalia fanfic Retrace?
The fanfic is updated in fanfic.net.
I update slowly/monthly because art first...

The awesome Joan(harkbus) and I will be selling our art at this year’s FanExpo at downtown T.O.! Prints, buttons, commissions, lemonade, and more! 

Come by our table because we’d love to say Hi! :D

Dragonborn!Mol using palette 47, requested by lovely Madred who likes Skyrim~ 

I’m not taking requests yet. (But I’ll let you know!)

I’m just saving this whopping palette for the future ;)

Proxy!Ro and Proxy!Mol 

(Couple of doodles while watching Ergo Proxy x) A really old anime with cool proxy characters ahhhh~)

Experimented with a new brush and a different style today! Here’s a very young Angelic Legion still in school training to be exorcists~

(6 yr old Shura, 10 yr old Arthur and 14 yr old Lewin)

I was working on a kinesiology vintage business card for my older sibling when she told me about about a certain deadlift…so i had a nice laugh


I got to working on Hetalia sprites ;_; Whooops

Not my art but check out what my little sister made with Homestuck sprites yooo!!! 

Mini print for this year’s fan expo with Jean xux

Mini buttons of Hetalia’s Romania (using some old art), and some simpler Riza and Roy from FMA(I’ve got more fma buttons here).  And I think I’ve got enough button designs for the expo. More button designs coming in the future~

TMNT and SNK mini and large buttons!

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