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Here for the Hetalia fanfic Retrace?
The fanfic is updated in fanfic.net.
I update slowly/monthly because art first...

Hi! I think your art is fantastic (I love your Romania)! I was just wondering: whats Sheridan like? I look upon the animation program with starry eyes (but I live in the US so idk /-\).

Hello there! :D Ahh Thanks x)

Sheridan’s Animation Program is fun. The place is cozy, humble, animated and friendly! We work hard and fool around. Really. C:

Like a lot of Animation Programs out there (and I’m certain America’s got a hub of amazing animation schools e.g CalArts…), students apply for the program through portfolio evaluation. We welcome international students here. I’m good friends with a friend from Milan, Italy; and a handful that’s from places like Hong Kong, South Korea, Brazil…we’re a diverse bunch here in Canada and we’ll gladly welcome you!

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I found his hat collection too.

Let’s make a deal~


I got the posters I ordered from saviourless ! She also included a drawing which is the one you see with the pancakes, and it’s so amazing :D

Eyy! Thank you yoo!!! I am so glad they arrived there safely!!! C:

Chapter 16.

An Eye for Joan(harkbus)! 

The rose, the mask and the cross. 14/14

Hungary, Romania and Switzerland from Hetalia fanfic Retrace~

(Playlists by Emma(francofousYou Can’t Trust People ~ The Far Road)

I’m sending this free drawing over to Molly for buying a couple posters of this print! :D I hope you like it!

A NEW ADDITION TO MY WALL!!!  I got this Hetalia commission from the amazing Joan(harkbus)!!!!!!!!!!! Now it’s up there to be stare at everyday…oh jeevus I am so thankful. TuT

In the mini haul I’ve got some stuff from talented art buddies like Joan (harkbus), Justin (justinchan), Jung (line-flippers), Sam (sama-ma), and Nikki (the-art-of-nicole) among plenty other fantastic artists!

Lovely Chihiro(Alexis - alexisarky) even gave me a Bathhouse ticket!! 

In the end I am super, super grateful for the really busy event! Cx Thank you so much convention goers and Toronto Fan Expo 2014~! I hope to sell more at conventions pretty soon in the future! C:

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