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Flood of Fall Kisses!

Hello Followers! I’m just letting you know I did a Kiss Art Meme last night! It’s sort of a Fall In Love Challenge in a span of two days for a cozy autumn.  I’m tagging it as: kissing  In case you dont want to see any ships tonight ;)

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"Get off me Magyar."

Bonus. To end the Fall meme ;) 

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"I just hate you with a passion."

Fall in Love with: RoHun #7 for Madred(madredhattie/spoopyredhattie)!

"Wait - "

Fall in Love with: Gerita #7 for Diana(diana-obelisk)!


Fall in Love with: Royai #9 for Louise(lalalatias)!

"It’s gonna be alright…"

Fall in Love with: the Carpathian Brothers #1 for Fritzi(sispuellaromania)!

"I learned this from you."

Fall in Love with: Franada #6 for Taka(takanobaka)!

"A gamble…"

Fall in Love with: RoMona #9 for Kahl(roemenie)!

"Cold as ice…"

Fall in Love with: NorBela #8 for Hp(thirdyearharrypotter)!

"Your story’s not over…"

SeekingSer asked for Retrace!Belgium a while back! x) Here’s one of those moments! :)

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